They Gave Me Money.

For Saving Money.

For real. No tricks. U-WIN is a United Teletech Financial program created to help people save more money. Every month, U-WIN dishes out cash prizes to people enrolled in the program. Earn one chance to win for every dollar you save. Because it all adds up.


Become a United Teletech Financial Member. If you live, work, worship, attend school or even volunteer in Monmouth County, Ocean County or parts of Middlesex County, you're eligible.


Sign up for U-Win. Once you're a member, you're only a few clicks away. U-Win doesn't cost anything extra and works automatically online. Enter the required info and you're in.


Start saving. Start entering for chances to win. You can manually deposit funds or, pro tip, work with your employer to automatically deduct cash from your paycheck. Saving just $10/week will give you 520 chances to win $1,000!

When is the first drawing?

The first drawing will take place on April 16, 2020. Mark your calendars! 

How is U-WIN different from a checking or saving account?

U-WIN is a club account. Meaning withdrawals are limited. On the 13th month after opening your U-WIN account all the money that you saved will be automatically deposited into your saving account.

How are withdrawals limited?

The 1st withdrawal will incur a $10 fee. The 2nd withdrawal will incur a $25 fee. The Third withdrawal there will be no fee, but the account will be closed automatically.

How Do I Know If I've Won?

United Teletech will send a monthly email to notify winners. Drawings are held on the 16th of each month.Please click here for the prize structure.

How Do I get My Money?

U-WIN automatically deposits winnings into your savings account.

How do I deposit Money into my account?

Set up automatic transfers online or through our mobile app from any United Teletech Checking or Savings account. You can also stop by any branch or set up direct deposit from your employer or another outside account. If you need help give us a call!

How Much Do I Win?

We offer monthly prizes of $25, A quarterly prize of $500, and an annual prize of $1,000.

How Many Prizes Does U-Win Pay Out Each Month?

40 Monthly Prizes, 1 Quarterly Prize, and 1 Annual Prize

How many chances do I get to win?

Every $1.00 you save gives you a chance to win the monthly, quarterly, and annual prizes. You can earn a maximum of 100 chances to win the monthly prize, 300 chances to win the quarterly prize, and 1200 chances to win the annual prize.

What are the rules?

U-WIN is a club account. It is designed to help you save. Like holiday or vacation club accounts, there are restrictions to withdrawing funds. On the first withdrawal you will receive a $10 fee, on the 2nd withdrawal there will be a $25 fee. On the third withdrawal there is no fee, but your account will be closed automatically. One year after you open up a U-WIN account, the money you saved for your future will be automatically deposited into your savings account.

Who can open a U-WIN account

You must be at least 18 years old and be a New Jersey resident to apply.




63% Of Americans* Don't Have $500 in Savings to cover an unexpected bill. United Teletech Financial Wants To Change That.

It starts with the ability to talk openly about financial wellness. We don't judge, nor should anyone else. More than half of the country doesn't have enough savings. In other words, you're not alone - not even close. Don't let guilt to stigma hold you back from living the life you want to live.

Speaking of that life you want to live, what are your goals? Do you want to own a house? Buy a car? Travel? Get out of debt? Pay for college? It's not impossible. That's why we don't say "no." We only say, "not yet." United Teletech Financial members receive free access to certified financial counselours. They work with you - where you're at today - to put you on a path to where you want to be tomorrow.

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