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Start Getting Ahead. A Savings Plan That Works.

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Over 60% Americans don’t have enough money for a $500 emergency fund. Living paycheck-to-paycheck means constant stress. It means your one car repair, or one surprise medical bill away from going negative

Introducing U-WIN

U-WIN is a United Teletech Financial program created to help people save more money. Every month, U-WIN dishes out cash prizes to people enrolled in the program. Earn one chance to win for every dollar you save.

  • Save

    We recommend setting up an automatic transfer of $10 every week from your checking account. At the end of the year, you will have a $500 emergency fund. Every 1$ you save each month gives you one chance to win. It’s that simple.


  • Earn

    This account doesn’t just give you chances to win prizes every month, you will also earn interest. 0.75% APY on all balances under $1,500



  • Win

    Each month, we will award 40 winners a $25 Prize. Each Quarter, we will award 1 winner a $500 prize, and every year we will award 1 winner a $1,000 prize.



How It Works

Our Latest $500 U-Winner:


I would recommend and encourage others to sign up for the account because, in today’s economy and with the current interest rates, it makes sense to try to earn more money on your savings.  It’s also a lot of fun when you win!

Stacy M.

What our Winners Have to Say

Gerry J

U-WIN is a perfect program for me because when I thought about saving, I tended to think in big numbers and that was just too overwhelming. But $10 was easy. And now my $500 win doubled my savings!

Gerry J.

I signed up for U-WIN to help save for vacations. This program is very effective in helping me save money. The $500 will help me with my vacation I have booked for Florida in September.

Sandra W.


U-WIN is a club account. Meaning withdrawals are limited. On the 13th month after opening your U-WIN account all the money that you saved will be automatically deposited into your saving account.

The 1st withdrawal will incur a $10 fee. The 2nd withdrawal will incur a $25 fee. The Third withdrawal there will be no fee, but the account will be closed automatically.

U-WIN automatically deposits winnings into your savings account.

United Teletech will send a monthly email to notify winners. Drawings are held on the 16th of each month. $1,000 winner is announced in May, $500 winners are announced in April, July, September, and January.

Every $1.00 you save gives you a chance to win the monthly, quarterly, and annual prizes. You can earn a maximum of 100 chances to win the monthly prize, 300 chances to win the quarterly prize, and 1200 chances to win the annual prize.

40 Monthly Prizes, 1 Quarterly Prize, and 1 Annual Prize

We offer monthly prizes of $25, A quarterly prize of $500, and an annual prize of $1,000.

How Do I Get Started?

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    Open Your Account Online

    Open and fund your U-WIN account online. It takes under 15 minutes.

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    Set Up Automatic Transfers

    Logon to Online Banking and set up an automatic transfer from your savings or checking account to your U-WIN account.

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    Win & Save

    Start earning chances to win prizes for doing nothing more than saving.

Have a question? We're here to help.

If you have questions about our UWIN account, our Member Care team is happy to help you.  Fill out our quick contact form here or stop by one of our convenient branch locations. You can speak with a team member directly at (866) 247-0065.

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Please have your member number, state-issued ID, and a debit or credit card to fund the account.

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Account holder must be a New Jersey resident at the time of account opening, and continue to be a New Jersey resident during the savings period. At least one account holder must be 18 years of age or older, or an individual minor may hold a U‐WIN account with a parent or guardian’s permission to participate. The account holder and/or parent or legal guardian of a minor account holder must review and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Please read our U-Win Member Participation Agreement here:

U-Win Savings Membership Participation Agreement