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Partner With Us to See Your Organization Thrive.

Become a Corporate Partner

How It Will Benefit Your Organization:

  • Less Turnover
  • More engaged employees
  • Reduced stressed for all
  • Hero to organization
  • Certified Financial Wellness Counselors at your fingertips 
  • and More!

It is no cost to partner with us, and you automatically get access to our certified financial counselors, U-WIN, and our full menu of low rate loans and easy to use checking accounts.

Why Partner?

At UTF we know that as a business you want to feel fulfilled about your organization and employee’s well-being. In order to do that, you need resources you can lean on to solve employee’s financial troubles to keep your employees engaged and motivated. The problem is there’s too many issues to solve, too little time and not enough budgeted to solve them all, which makes you feel scared. We believe you deserve to have the tools needed to be the hero in your employee’s lives. We understand that you’re stressed about your employee’s productivity, which is why we have helped others reach full organizational success via partnering with us.

Here’s how you can too:

1) Give us a call today.

2) Educate and provide financial resources to your employees.

3) Watch your employee’s motivation grow!

How Your Employees Win

  • Win Money

    Employees win by saving money in our U-WIN account. For every dollar you save, you earn a chance to win. That’s up to 100 chances to win. Every. Single. Month.

  • Put Money to Work

    Employers offering a 401k will see increased contributions. Saving a little extra let’s you contribute more for retirement.

  • Reduce Stress

    Saving just $20 a week adds up to more than $1,000 a year. That’s a nice cushion if something unexpected comes along. Our certified financial counselors will help your employees get on a financial plan. To save more and be in control of their finances.

  • Set It Up and Sit Back

    Once the U-WIN account is set up with automatic deposits, you’re done. You can check the website to see if you’ve won, but if you don’t, any winnings are put directly into your U-WIN account.

Give Your Employees Financial Confidence with On Track

Turn key financial education into personalized information for your team.

Are you having trouble finding the time to give employee benefits that are worth bragging about?

At United Teletech Financial FCU, we believe HR leaders should have a easy way to provide financial education to their team.

Our On Track program offers Financial Educational Seminars on variety of topics, access to certified financial counselors for financial coaching, and a unique savings program, U-WIN which offers chances to win prizes for saving, and access to all United Teletech Financial FCU’s accounts and services.

How does it work?

  1. Schedule an appointment so we can learn about your goals
  2. Become a Corporate Partner
  3. Give your team financial confidence

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