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At United Teletech Financial, we offer our members some of the best rates in the industry. As a not-for-profit financial institution, every single cent of the money we earn goes right back into the credit union. This means we're able to offer our members great rates with lower than average fees. Whatever your financial goals, let's get there together.

Service With a Personal Touch

Taking out a loan doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. Our team is here to help you to ensure you receive the best loan for your needs. Our certified financial counselors are also here to support you. They'll create a plan that includes loans to help you reach your financial goals. With us, you're not just an account number—you're part of our family.

Make an Informed Decision With Our Lending Calculators

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your finances. That's why we've created several calculators to help you better understand your monthly payments for home equity loans, HELOCs, personal loans and auto loans.

Lending Calculators

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Loan Type Term/Maturity Annual Percentage Rate
Personal Loan (Cut the Card Loan) Up to 48 months As low as 5.74%*
49 to 60 months As low as 6.24%*
Overdraft Line of Credit Open Ended 18.00%
CD Secured Up to CD Maturity

3.00% above CD rate

*We'd Like you to know:

Apr=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates include a 0.25% discount for electronic payment from a United Teletech checking account.


Car & Other Vehicle Loans Term/Maturity Annual Percentage Rate
Car Loans (Includes new and used autos, boats, motorcycles, RVs)* Up to 24 months As low as 1.99%*
25 to 36 months As low as 1.99%*
37 to 48 months As low as 1.99%*
49 to 66 months As low as 1.99%*
67 to 72 months** As low as 2.99%*

*We'd Like You to Know:
APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Rate advertised is based on credit worthiness and includes a 1% discount for electronic payment from a United Teletech Checking Account. Used auto must not be older than 7 model years and have no more than 85,000 miles(excluding classic autos).

**To qualify for this term auto must be within 2 model years.


Variable Home Equity Line of Credit (up to $250,000.00)
  Term Variable Rate As Low As: Equity (or loan-to-value) required:
Powerline HELOC 180 Months

APR is as low as Prime Rate  - 0.50%(Now as low as 1.99% APR for 6 months + No Closing Costs)*

Begins with a fixed interest rate for the initial term and then adjusts according to an index. Minimum Draw: $25,000

Up to 90% for Single Family**

We'd Like You to Know:
APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate of 1.99% APR is good for six (6) months from loan disbursement date, then APR is variable based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate minus 0.50% to Prime Rate plus 3.50%, depending on creditworthiness, and is not to exceed 16%. Prime rate as of 7/1/2021 is 3.25%. Prime rate may change at any time without notice. HELOC may not exceed 90% Combined Loan-To-Value (CLTV). Rates advertised are for up to 80% CLTV.  Max Line amount is $250,000. Stated rate includes discount for electronic payment. Minimum initial draw of $25,000 required for introductory rate and to waive closing costs. Offer available to qualified borrowers on 1-4 family primary NJ residences. Offer not valid for refinancing of existing UTF Home Equity Lines less than eight (8) years old. Property insurance is required. This offer ends on September, 30 2021. For additional information call 866-462-5532. NMLS# 402779

** If your CLTV is above 80%, you are not eligibile for the introductory rate, but may still be eligible for a HELOC


Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans (up to $250,000.00)
Type Term

APR As Low As

Equity Required
5 Year Fixed Rate 60 Months 3.50%* Up to 80% LTV for Single Family
7 Year Fixed Rate 84 Months 3.50%* Up to 80% LTV for Single Family
10 Year Fixed Rate 120 Months 3.50%* Up to 80% LTV for Single Family


*We'd Like You to Know:
APR= Annual Percentage Rate. LTV percentage is determined by taking the amount you owe on your home divided by the appraised value of your home. Home Equity Loan amounts over $250,000: add 0.25% APR. Minimum Loan Amount is $10,000. High LTV loans may require proof that funds are used for home improvement. Rate includes 1% discount for automatic electronic payment and direct deposit into a United Teletech Checking Account. Documenting filing fees up to $1,005 may apply. 

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First Mortgages
Please call 866-462-5532 for more information.

Rates accurate as of 3/1/21

We'd Like You to Know:
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate includes discount forelectronic payment and may be an introductory special. HELOC rates adjust monthly based on prime rate. The prime rate listed in the Wall Street Journal on the 3rd Thursday of the preceding month will be used to determine rate adjustments. Floor is 2%. Those securing a non-single family home may require more equity.  Stated rates are for new loans. Members wishing to refinance an existing UTF loan must pay a fee of 0.50% of the existing balance.

*Fees may reduce earnings