Kids Club Savings Account

Inspire Savings Habits Early With a Kids Club Savings Account

How can you best prepare your child for adulthood? One thing you can do is help them develop good financial habits. The easiest way to get started is with a Kids Club Savings account by United Teletech Financial.

Start Teaching Your Child Good Savings Habits Early

As an adult, you’re constantly making financial decisions. Today, you might need to decide how much to spend on groceries. Tomorrow, you might need to consider how much to budget for that upcoming vacation.

Although your children may not need to think about these things now, they will soon. Many adult Americans live paycheck to paycheck. And unfortunately, many couldn’t cover a $400 emergency such as a car or home repair.

By teaching your child good savings habits now, you can help prevent costly financial decisions and set them up for success in the future.

Important Lessons Learned Through Saving

Saving teaches your child many lessons about their finances. For example, it showcases how to decide between wants and needs, as well as how to create a budget. Saving can also teach your child how to live within their means and how to track their spending.

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    Create a Budget

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    Decide Between Wants and Needs

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    Track Their Spending

The United Teletech Financials' Kids Club Savings Account

United Teletech Financial believes in financial wellbeing for all, even the littlest saver in your family. That’s why we created our Kids Club Savings account. Our Kids Club account is the perfect way to get your kids on the right financial path. It includes:

  • A Great Interest Rate, So Your Child Can Learn About The Value of Saving From The Get-Go

  • A Free Welcome Gift

  • Birthday Cards to be Redeemed for a Special Gift

Kids Club accounts are for any child 12 years old or younger. Through United Teletech Financial, it’s easy for your child to make deposits by making a visit to the branch or sending the money by mail. And with no monthly fees or surcharges, you and your child have access to the cash at any time.


United Teletech Financial: A Financial Partner for the Future

As your child grows, we’ll still be here, from the first credit card to saving for college and beyond. Plus, our Certified Financial Counselors will be here to guide your child through each financial decision they might make in the future.

Open a Kids Club Account

Ready to teach your kids the value of saving? Want to ensure they have the habits necessary for financial wellbeing? Let us help! To learn more about our Kids Club Savings account or to open an account today!

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