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New Security Features

At United Teletech Financial, we always value security first. To make your banking experience the best and safest in the business, we have secured our website with Symantec Secure Site Technology with an EV SSL certificate. With Symantec's technology and EV SSL certificate, daily website malware scanning and vulnerability assessments are performed to secure the site and help defend against attacks. The green address bar, Norton Secured Seal and Seal-in-Search technology assure you that our site is safe to search, browse and perform banking transactions.

The green address bar is an easy and reliable way to verify our site identity and security. Only SSL certificates with EV certificate trigger web browsers to display your organization’s name in a green address bar. Below is what the green bar may look like on your browser:

Responsive Design

When designing the look of our new website, we wanted to make your banking experience the best it can be, no matter what device you are using. To achieve this, utfinancial.org is now responsive for mobile, tablet, and traditional computers. When searching utfinancial.org on your device, it will automatically adjust the size of our website for optimal viewing. Below are examples of how our website looks on an iPad and iPhone, but the site is responsive for other tablet and mobile phone devices. 



Improved Navigation 

You may have noticed that the navigation bar is now a horizontal bar at the top of our website rather than along the side. This was done to simplify the navigation process no matter what device you are on. As well, this makes the navigation process more responsive than it was in the past, making your online banking experience even better.