Remote Toolkit

United Teletech's Remote Toolkit

United Teletech Financial members offers several digital and remote services that allow easy access to their money. The digital toolkit contains every service you will need to manage your finances from the comfort and safety of your home.

Direct Deposit

Setting up Direct Deposit is the most convenient way to get your paycheks into your account. Set it up one time, and on Payday your money will be automatically be deposited in the account of your choice.  

Set Up Direct Deposit

Bill Pay

Never miss a bill payment again. Bill pay gives you one convenient place to pay and manage your monthly bills. Mortgages, utilities, insurance bills, and more can be paid with our easy-to-use bill pay feature.

Start Paying Bills

Remote Deposit Capture

With remote deposit capture, the ability of depositing checks is at your fingertips. Snap a photo, enter a few pieces of information and that’s it. Once you download the mobile app, select Deposit Checks. It’s that simple.

Start Depositing Checks Remotely

Money Management

Most families have many different accounts to track. Between all the retirement accounts, mortgages, credit cards, different savings accounts, it can be difficult to check your accounts as much as you should. Money management allows you to track your accounts all in one place. Set up budgets, and debt payoff plans, and view how you spend your money. This tool makes managing your finances and budgeting easy and convenient.

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