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Learn How to Prosper Financially & Reach Your Goals With United Teletech Financial

At United Teletech Financial, we're dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. One of the ways we assist you is with expert financial advice to help guide you toward those goals in the best way. This financial guidance is the core of U-Prosper Financial Fitness, the counseling, and advice you need to learn, grow and prosper.

Financial Calculators

To help you make the best decisions when it comes to your finances, we offer free online calculators to help you discover more about deposits, lending, savings and more.

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Table Talk Newsletter

Our newsletter, Table Talk, is a great resource for members of the United Teletech family. Inside, you'll find tips for improving your finances as well as news and other important information from us.

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Reality Fairs & Seminars: Taking Financial Fitness to the Community

To make financial fitness available for all, we offer various events for the community.

Reality Fairs

Our reality fairs are hands-on events for individuals within the community to learn more about managing their personal finances the right way. During these fairs, participants gain a better understanding of possible future income, how to spend their money wisely, the importance of saving for the future and more.

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Each year, we offer no cost seminars on a variety of topics to teach participants how to make great financial choices. Our seminars include insights from industry experts so you walk away with everything you need to know about buying a home, building your credit and more.

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Identity Theft & Staying Protected Online

Millions of identity theft reports are filed each year within the United States. Identity theft occurs when someone accesses and uses your personal and financial information. Most of the time, criminals steal identities for financial gain, leaving you feeling the strain, financially and otherwise. It's important to understand how to best protect your identity to avoid theft.

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Do you use your computer or mobile device to shop online? Do you frequently send emails that contain personal information? It's important to know how to protect yourself online from attempts to steal your personal and financial information. This includes creating strong passwords and using public computers correctly, among other best practices.

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Financial Fitness for Students & Young Adults

As a student or young adult, your financial goals may surround credit building, the purchase of your first home and a wide range of other milestones. Each of these goals will impact your financial future. With the right guidance and a focus on improving your financial fitness, you can make each new step with confidence.

Financial Resources for Students & Young Adults

Schedule a Consultation With a Certified Financial Advisor

What are your financial goals? Our counselors can help you budget, save for retirement, pay off your debt, manage your finances and so much more. Schedule your free consultation with a certified financial advisor today by calling us at 732-530-8100 or send us a message.