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Summer is around the corner, meaning that more and more teenagers, ranging from the age of 16-18, will be searching for their seasonal summer job. Summer is truly the best time for the younger generations to find employment; when school and sports come to an end there are minimal distractions. Not to mention, almost every local company has “help wanted” signs posted all over their windows! Having a job is a crucial component to the growing process of every young adult; it teaches them the true concept of money. After being in the working world for just a few weeks, your teen will quickly learn how to manage their money, save strategically, and most importantly, how to be responsible! Fortunately, finding a summer job is not a difficult task; all your teen has to do is check for postings online or in local newspapers and magazines. They could even stop by one of their favorite stores and ask if they’re looking for help during the busy summer season, it's as simple as that! 

As soon as they find a company that’s hiring, their next step is to meticulously revise their resume. It’s vital to ensure that everything is up to date and ranked by relevance. For example, if your teen worked in retail last summer and they’re applying to work for another clothing store again this summer, that job should be listed first under the experience section. Under the skills section, they should list phrases such as exceptional customer service skills, professional and organizational skills, fashion oriented, and communication skills. These are just a handful of the skills that their potential employer will be looking for. After doing all of this, the most important, yet most easily forgotten step is to SPELL CHECK! They should read through their resume, at minimum, three to five times after completion. After the resume finally looks perfect in their eyes, they should then give it to a friend or family member that can read through it from a different perspective. This will make all the difference, there is nothing worse than noticing that one typo after the resume has already been sent out!

Happy summer and best of luck to your hard working teens in their job hunting process!



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