iSkipping a Payment Never Felt So Good


Put money back into your pocket this fall with the Skip-A-Pay program from United Teletech Financial. This program allows members with a car, a fixed-rate home equity, or personal loan to skip a monthly loan payment in December, January, or February for a nominal fee. Use the extra cash flow for however you see fit. The possibilities are endless!

How does Skip-A-Pay work?

1.) Please read the terms and conditions of Skip-A-Pay and confirm that you meet all conditions

2.) Click the link for the corresponding month and complete the online form at least 10 days prior to the due date of your payment


December Form( January Form will be available December 16th)

Request a December Skip-A-Pay (Single Borrower) 


Request a December Skip-A-Pay (Multiple Borrower) 




Call 732-530-8100

*Remember: The form must be received at the credit union at least 10 days before your payment is due.