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Find Your Financial Footing with a University Checking Account by United Teletech Financial

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Get Smart About Your Finances with a University Checking Account

College brings about many changes in your life. One of these changes involves being fully in charge of your financial health. Get started the right way and find your financial footing with a University Checking account by United Teletech Financial.

As a busy student, United Teletech Financial makes it easy to manage your cash with convenient branch locations and ATMs. We have locations near Rutgers University and Monmouth University, plus we offer hundreds of ATMs throughout Monmouth County and beyond.

The University Checking account was designed for students 25 years of age and younger, who want a free way to bank and manage their money. This account offers many features including:

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    No Service Fees

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    Zero Balance Requirements

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    55,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs Across the Country

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    Unlimited Transactions

United Teletech Financial is proud to offer state-of-the-art ways to bank, whether you’re at school, at home or on the go.

  • Mobile Banking and Deposit

    You can check your account quickly using our app. Plus, you can make deposits remotely from anywhere using your mobile device. Our app is one of the highest-rated on the market, allowing you to bank from your phone simply, with zero fees.

  • Money Management Tool

    Need help budgeting and tracking your expenses? Our unique money management tool, available in our app, can help.

  • Online Banking and Bill Pay

    You can access your account online and pay your monthly bills using free online bill pay.

Why Choose a Checking Account With UTF?

At United Teletech Financial, we believe in helping each member reach their financial goals. We help students get off on the right foot by providing simple money management and financial support. How?

  • We offer lower fees and better rates: Because we’re a financial institution owned by our members, we’re able to offer fewer fees and better rates on all of our products and services. We can be your financial institution for life, from your first checking account to your first mortgage.
  • We offer financial counseling and support: Our certified financial counselors can help you learn how to budget, how to save for future purchases and more.

We’re your local financial institution, serving members who live, work, worship, volunteer and learn in Monmouth County.

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We’d Like You To Know: View our fee schedule for complete fees, terms, and conditions.