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Start Saving to Reach Your Financial Goals With United Teletech Financial

Where do you see yourself five years down the road? Ten years? Twenty?

Whatever you envision, we’re sure some of your goals will require money, such as owning a new home or going back to school. To reach those goals, it’s important to start saving now to prepare.

United Teletech Financial offers many savings accounts to help you do just that. Let’s get there together.

Healthy Saving Is Critical to Your Financial Wellbeing

Saving isn’t only important when trying to reach your life goals. It’s also critical to your wellbeing.

According to the Federal Reserve, 4 in 10 adult Americans would have difficulty covering a $400 emergency expense. These expenses could be an emergency car repair, medical bill or something else. Healthy saving habits can help you prepare for these moments, ensuring you’re able to move forward comfortably.

Our Savings Accounts

The first step in healthy saving is opening a dedicated savings account for you or your family. United Teletech Financial offers several options to choose from. You can open an account with as little as $5.00 and put away a little each month to watch your balance grow.

  • Consumer & Business Savings Accounts

    We offer basic savings accounts that accrue interest over time*. These accounts enable you to receive all the benefits that United Teletech Financial has to offer for easy saving, including direct deposit and payroll deductions. Plus, you’ll have access to mobile and online banking, our Certified Financial Counselors, and the cost-saving benefits of a credit union.


  • U-Savers Club Accounts

    If you struggle with saving, a club account is a great option. Over the course of a year, you make automated contributions into the account to save for a specific goal. As a forced savings account, your money will be transferred into your savings account only after a year is up.

  • U-Win Savings Account

    Our U-Win savings account is a prize-linked account that offers chances to win cash prizes just for saving. Every dollar you save will be rewarded with an entry into a drawing each month.

  • Money Market Accounts

    Want a savings account with checking account features? A money market might be a great choice for you. We offer three unique options to choose from: U-Savers Money Market accounts, Estate Money Market accounts and Business Money Market accounts.

  • Kids Club Accounts

    Our Kids Club savings account is perfect for young savers. With competitive rates as well as a free welcome gift, it’s a great way to inspire your children to save for a better financial future.

  • Holiday & Vacation Club Accounts

    Saving for that trip to the beach? Want to prepare for next Christmas? Our holiday and vacation club savings accounts are a great option. Simply put away an amount each month and then receive your money via automatic transfer on the first week of October (holiday) or the first week of April (vacation).

  • IRA Savings Accounts

    We make it easy to save for your retirement with our IRA accounts. Choose from IRA Savings, Roth IRA, Coverdell Educational Savings or a Conduit IRA.

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