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Over 60% Americans don’t have enough money for a $500 emergency fund. Living paycheck-to-paycheck means constant stress. It means your one car repair, or one surprise medical bill away from going negative

Introducing U-WIN

U-WIN is a United Teletech Financial program created to help people save more money. Every month, U-WIN dishes out cash prizes to people enrolled in the program. Earn one chance to win for every dollar you save.

  • Win

    Each month, we will award 40 winners a $25 Prize. Each Quarter, we will award 1 winner a $500 prize, and every year we will award 1 winner a $1,000 prize.

  • Save

    We recommend setting up an automatic transfer of $10 every week from your checking account. At the end of the year, you will have a $500 emergency fund. Every 1$ you save each month gives you one chance to win. It’s that simple.

  • Earn

    This account doesn’t just give you chances to win prizes every month, you will also earn interest. 0.75% APY on all balances under $1,500

How It Works

What our Winners Have to Say

Gerry J

U-WIN is a perfect program for me because when I thought about saving, I tended to think in big numbers and that was just too overwhelming. But $10 was easy. And now my $500 win doubled my savings!

Gerry J.


U-WIN is a club account. Meaning withdrawals are limited. On the 13th month after opening your U-WIN account all the money that you saved will be automatically deposited into your saving account.

The 1st withdrawal will incur a $10 fee. The 2nd withdrawal will incur a $25 fee. The Third withdrawal there will be no fee, but the account will be closed automatically.

U-WIN automatically deposits winnings into your savings account.

United Teletech will send a monthly email to notify winners. Drawings are held on the 16th of each month. $1,000 winner is announced in May, $500 winners are announced in April, July, September, and January.

Every $1.00 you save gives you a chance to win the monthly, quarterly, and annual prizes. You can earn a maximum of 100 chances to win the monthly prize, 300 chances to win the quarterly prize, and 1200 chances to win the annual prize.

40 Monthly Prizes, 1 Quarterly Prize, and 1 Annual Prize

We offer monthly prizes of $25, A quarterly prize of $500, and an annual prize of $1,000.

How Do I Get Started?

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    Open Your Account Online

    Open and fund your U-WIN account online. It takes under 15 minutes.

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    Set Up Automatic Transfers

    Logon to Online Banking and set up an automatic transfer from your savings or checking account to your U-WIN account.

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    Win & Save

    Start earning chances to win prizes for doing nothing more than saving.

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Before opening an account, please have your member number, state issued ID, and a debit or credit card to fund the account.

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