Member Loyalty Rewards

Member Loyalty Rewards

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UTF is excited to announce Member Loyalty Rewards -   a program that rewards you for being a loyal member. Increase your earning power, getting you that much closer to the rewards you want!

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Logging in:

If you have a credit card with United Teletech, you can access member loyalty rewards via online banking. Simply click on your credit card under the 'Accounts" section of online banking.
If you have a debit card, you will need sign in at In order to see your debit card points, you will need to register for Member Loyalty Rewards using the instructions below.

To register:

Visit the registration page at and enter your 16-digit Member Loyalty Rewards (MLR) number. This number will be 110018+ your United Teletech Financial account number preceded by as many zeroes as needed to make the account number 10 digits.

For instance:
If your account number is five digits such as 12345, your new MLR number would be 110018 + five zeros and your account number. Example: 1100180000012345.
If your account number nine digits such as 123456789, your new MLR number would be 11018 + one zero and your account number. Example: 1100180123456789.

Once you have registered, you will only need to use your username and password to log in. 

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*We'd Like You To Know: Loyalty rewards offers vary and can end at any time. To earn credit rewards points, member must have a Platinum Rewards or World Card. Debit rewards is only available with a United Rewards Checking Account; debit offers must be activated in the CURewards Mall in order to earn rewards points.