KRACK Wi-fi Exploit

KRACK Wi-fi Exploit

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Researchers Discover Vulnerability in Wifi Security

What happened?

Yesterday, The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued a warning about a new exploit discovered by researchers that allows hackers to “eavesdrop” on your data when using a Wi-fi connection. The exploit, nicknamed “KRACK”, targets the third step in a four-way authentication “handshake” performed when your Wi-Fi client device attempts to connect to a protected Wi-Fi network. The encryption key can be resent multiple times, and if criminals collect and replay those retransmissions in certain ways, Wi-Fi security encryption can be broken.

Who is affected?

While there is no evidence that cyber criminals have exploited this vulnerability. Anytime, you use a Wi-fi connection to connect to the internet you may be at risk.

Am I at risk while visiting United Teletech's Website or Mobile App?

United Teletech's website, online banking, and mobile app all use "HTTPS", a secure connection that is encrypted. HTTPS gives you a higher degree of security that will help keep you safe when using a Wi-fi connection.

What is Wi-fi?

Wi-fi allows your computer, TV, smartphone, video game console, or other device enabled with smart technology to connect to the internet wirelessly and is distributed by your Internet service provider through a router.

What steps can I take to stay safe?

  1. Assure Your Router and Wi-fi Enabled Devices Have the Most Recent Security Updates
  2. Visit Only Secure Websites: When using a Wi-fi connection only visit websites that have a secure connection, especially if you are entering sensitive information. To check if the website you are visiting is secure; simply read the web address located in the address bar at the top of the browser and confirm the link starts with “HTTPS”.   

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  1. Use a Wired Connection: Connect to the internet using a wired connection until you are sure that you have the most recent updates to all wi-fi enabled devices and your router.