How do I send a wire?

We can wire money for you and accept wires on your behalf. To wire money out of your account, please visit any branch with the following information:

Domestic Wire

Bank name
Bank routing number (contains 9 digits)
Beneficiary name (person receiving Funds)
Beneficiary account #
Complete address of beneficiary (no PO Box)

To accept an incoming wire from another party, you will need to provide them the following information:

Receiving Institution:
United Teletech Financial FCU
ABA# 221276011
205 Hance Avenue
Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

Final Credit:
Member’s name, account number, and suffix at United Teletech Financial.

Outgoing Wires Via Secure Mail

You can place a wire request remotely using our Online banking’s secure mail feature.

Please log on to our Online Banking platform and from the menu select “Secure Forms” -> “Secure Email”.
In the subject, write “Outgoing Wire Transfer Request”.

In the message provide the following:

1 Sender’s name
2 Sender’s account number and routing number
3 Amount of Wire
4 Beneficiary Name
5 Beneficiary Address
6 Beneficiary Account number
7 Beneficiary Routing number

You will receive a response in the same business day, unless your request is received after 3:00pm in which case we will respond the next business day.