Pride 2020

Celebrate Diversity - Pride Month 2020

Membership is Belonging

Pride month is about advocating for what's right. For the acceptance, inclusion and respect of others. We at UTF are committed to standing up for what's right. We support all our neighbors and friends, no matter what.

Take a second to think about the term "credit union". The first part, credit, means giving people financial resources to help them get things they need and want - homes, cars, education, etc. The second half, union, means we're all members. We're all in this together.

We all have power, The power of compassion and kindness, Together we can change the world into something more positive. You can take the stance to be inclusive and accepting of others' differences not only during Pride Month by year-round.

Pride presents visibility. We are proud to advocate for more inclusion and support of our LGBTQ community. Together, we can be allies for representing a greater good. Let kindness prevail. Happy Pride Month!

UTF is here to be your ally. #NOSHAMEINSTRUGGLE. Let your adversities be your source of strength.