Buy Local

Buy Local

Buy local. Bank local. 

When you bank with a local financial institution like United Teletech Financial, your money AND our money stays right here in our own community. By being a member of United Teletech Financial you're helping others, such as local businesses that employ local people - maybe even your friends and family. Not to mention, you get local decisions on loans and financial advice from people who live right here, know the area, know you, and know your personal story. All that adds up to a bright future. Let’s keep our community financially healthy!

Credit unions are not banks, they are institutions of the people which are finer than any banks because they are operating way down at the level of the people. They are banking democracy and our great responsibility is to prove constantly our ability to operate in large fields with the same old fashioned honesty and simplicity which made credit unions so very exceptional in the beginning.

- Roy Bergengren, Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Founder

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