ATM Network Changes

ATM Network Changes

ATM Fee Changes

Effective, March 1, 2018, you will no longer receive 10 free ATM transactions per month. Only United Teletech ATMs will be fee free. If you complete a transaction at any other ATM you will incur a $1.50 fee from United Teletech and may incur a fee from the merchant that owns the ATM. 
In order to avoid paying an ATM fee, please use one of the ATMs at a United Teletech Branch. You can also open a United Rewards Checking Account, that comes with 55,000 Surcharge Free ATMs.

What happens if I use an ATM outside the network?

United Teletech will charge a $1.50 ATM fee for every transaction you complete at an ATM not at a United Teletech branch location. The company that owns the ATM may also charge you a fee. It is possible to receive two separate ATM fees. One from United Teletech and one from the merchant that owns the ATM.

How do I find out what ATMs are fee free?

Please visit this link to see a list of United Teletech Branch locations

When will I start seeing the fees on my statement?

The fees will go live on March 1, 2018 and appear on your statement directly after a transaction is completed.

How can I avoid being charged an ATM fee?

To avoid paying ATM fees please use an United Teletech ATM or open up a United Rewards Checking account to receive access to over 55,000 Surcharge Free ATMs.