Account Change

Account Change Online Banking Access

If you received an account change notification, please read the directions below to log in to online banking. Account change notifications were only sent to members whose account numbers included their social security number. 

We had previously noted in our communication that you should use your new account number to log in to online banking. However, it was determined that you should use your OLD account number for your initial login. After you log in for the first time and set up a username and pasword, you will no longer use your old account number. As well, you will continue to use the new account number as described in your communication. 

Username: Please use your old account number; delete any preceding zeros (ex. If your old account number is 012345678, your account number to log in should be 12345678).

Password: utf and the last four (4) digits of your social (ex. utf1234). Please note that utf is all lowercase. 

If you have any questions, please contact Member Care at 732-530-8100 or submit an inquiry online