5 5 ARM

The 5/5 30-Year ARM at United Teletech Financial

There's no better time to buy the home of your dreams or refinance your mortgage.

For a limited time, United Teletech Financial is offering one of the most attractive adjustable rate mortgages in New Jersey.

                4.625% (5.382% APR*) with low closing costs                

Rate adjusts only once every five years

Faster closings - Often within 30 days


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* We'd Like You To Know: APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are offered for a limited time and subject to change without notice. APR example based on $318,000.00 loan amount. Other restrictions apply. Rate is fixed for the first 5 years of the loan, and then adjusts every 5 years thereafter and is based on a 30 year amortization with a 30 year term. Rate is variable and can increase by no more than 2 percentage points after the initial five year period and at each subsequent rate adjustment, with a lifetime maximum rate increase of 6%. Rate is indexed on the 5-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate (2.75% as of July, 2018), with a margin of 2.00%. Available for purchases and refinances of New Jersey properties only. Max Loan to Value is 80% for Single Family Residences and 70% for Condominiums. These rates are for qualified borrowers and for loan amounts up to $400,000. Max loan amount of $640,000. No investment or multi-family properties under this program.